Schulterblicke: Pablo Alfieri

by Über Magazin

Es begann mit seinen Bildern als Moods, um Inspiration für die Gestaltung der neuen Ausgabe zu erhalten. Im Laufe der Gestaltung stellte sich jedoch heraus, dass Pablos Fotos nicht einfach nur als Beigabe im Heft enthalten sein sollten – eines seiner Fotos sollte das Cover werden! 
Daher soll Pablo nun auch den Abschluss der "Schulterblicke" Reihe darstellen und wir freuen uns, euch den Fotografen unseres Covers vorzustellen:


How would you describe yourself?
I’m a Director of commercials focused on Art Direction and Set Design. I also do still life and I’m a typography lover.

What did you do in which ÜBER-issue?
The cover!

Where are you right now?
In the kitchen of my house, drinking a coffee, having breakfast. At the same time I enjoy some lovely songs of Jose Gonzalez.

What are you really passionate about right now? What takes up a lot of your time?
After 6 years working in an amazing motion studio called Plenty, a studio that I co-founded, where I gained a lot of experience and knowledge as Designer, Art & motion Director I decided to follow a new dream: To do live action & mixed media commercials. What is filling my soul is a strong passion for set design.

There are a lot of places worldwide – what’s your most favorite place to be?
Of course my city, Buenos Aires. Its an amazing city that never sleeps with tons of things to do. As Berlin, Barcelona, Melbourne or London, Buenos Aires is a big city full of culture and a strong passion for arts and design. In fact there are amazing studios and really well known artists.

What do you need to be happy?
Going to Avellaneda, the city where I was born and have a lovely lunch with my family. Being invited to my friends at home. Going on holidays with my lovely girl and work – work for what I love, work for what fills my soul.

How would you describe you perfect day?
haha his is a difficult one... the perfection is something the human being hast to understand, that ist impossible to reach. We are constant nonconformist but this is what moves us forward and makes us take new challenges. If I have to think of a perfect day it is a mix of the things that make me happy and finish it watching and listening to a Radiohead concert ;)

If you could choose to meet one particular person, who would that be and why?
There are so many talented people around the world that it's really difficult to choose one. At these days it would be awesome to have a lovely talk with Thom Yorke.

What’s the most exciting thing you experienced in your life?
wow, exciting for good or for bad!? Haha maybe the best things that happened in my career is when I go to design conferences and talk to tons of students and receive their love and their questions, their interest about my work. I really love to give talks cause it was one of the things that touched me when I was a 20 year old guy without undertstanding, knowledge and skills. It was so inspiring to listen to the best designers around the world.

Is there a question you are always wondering about?
when the religion will disappear of our lives.

If you could choose one quote you like, which you would’ve loved to say by yourself. Which one would that be?
mmm I’m not a quote guy... but the other day I read one of Jessica Walsh that really touched me. Stop to use the computer and start to make shit. Is really important for me to do analogue and tactile things, skip digital tools and experiment, play, have fun – the only way to do amazing things!

Viele weitere Informationen über Pablo und Einblicke in seine Arbeit findet ihr unter: oder, sowie auf seinen Social Media Acoounts auf Instagram, Twitter & facebook.